Fast Supply Vessels

At Gulfstream Shipbuilding our crew boats and work boats are built to withstand the extreme conditions seen in the industry.  Built by certified craftsmen, Gulfstream uses only tried and proven equipment and materials.  Our vendors are chosen based on their ability to service what they sell, should the need arise.

Depending on the owners need, we can build to any Classification Society's rules and regulations.  We handle the process from start to finish.

The "Gulfstream Team" is experienced in designing and constructing "brown water" boats as well as "blue water" vessels.


Our work boat expertise includes:

• Model Bow Tugs
• Push Boats
• Pilot Boats
• Fast Supply Boats
• Utility Vessels
• Patrol Boats
Ship Under Construction - Tour Boats

Contact us in Freeport, Florida, to make general arrangements for an outstanding crew, supply, or tour boat to be designed to your specifications.