Our Mission Statement

Gulfstream Shipbuilding is committed to customer satisfaction through quality construction, on time delivery and customer support after delivery.


A Bit about Our Company

Through the years, Gulfstream Shipbuilding has built a variety of vessels, including U. S. Coast Guard approved passenger vessels, oil field support vessels, mega yachts, and casino vessels. They have ranged in size from 60' to 300' long.


Cost Controlled Construction

Gulfstream Shipbuilding prides ourselves on the fact that nearly half of the vessels we have built have been for repeat customers. This is attributable to what we term "Cost Controlled Construction," which is a simple approach to building boats. We combine efficiency, experience, flexibility, and hands-on management to produce a quality vessel at a very competitive price.


Complete Customer Satisfaction

All customers of Gulfstream Shipbuilding receive prompt, personal attention from all levels of management. We realize the importance of investing in a project of this magnitude. This attention does not end when the contract is signed, but rather increases as the vessel progresses through each phase of construction.


Why Chose Us:

• On time delivery.

• Skilled conscientious workforce.

• Individual attention to customers.


• Customer support after delivery.

• Very competitive pricing.

• Hands on management team.

Give Gulfstream Shipbuilding a call at (850) 835-4125 to enlist the services of an expert, custom boat builder in Freeport, Florida.